Light damage is one of the greatest contributing factors to the Deterioration of framed artwork. Often we think of the sun as the culprit of damage; however, recent research has shown that even fluorescent lights can cause alot of damage to works on paper, especially phtographs. It is important to use the correct Type of glazing; to minimize fading, color shifts, and paper yellowing.

The following types of glazing are available:
Clear glass
Conservation clear glass; has a uv(ultra-violet)filtering coating that gives the maximum protection against damaging light.
Reflection control glass; coated with a film to reduce reflection by 95%.
Nuseum glass; the finest glass available. Used in museums through out the world. The ultimate combinaton of both high uv filter, with the minimum of reflection.
Nuseum acrylic; light weight with the maximum protection of 99% uv blocking.
Clear acrylic; light weight, and shatterproof. Appropriate for oversized pieces.